I recently read this quote by Hudson Taylor: “I am so weak that I can hardly write, I cannot read my Bible, I cannot even pray, I can only lie still in God’s arms like a little child and TRUST.” || I have felt just like that for most of the past 9 weeks since this most recent health episode. But God has continued to be incredibly faithful through His comforting Words in my Bible, through the encouraging notes from friends and family and the generous support of others. I haven’t improved very much over the weeks except sitting up is slightly easier and so is writing. I still need full assistance with walking and everything else. Another Hudson Taylor quote that really encouraged me was: “All our difficulties are only platforms for the manifestations of HIS grace, power and love.” I don’t fully understand this episode…and my Doctors don’t either…but that’s okay, because God does and He has a plan. Thank you for your continued prayers and for pressing on in this fight with me. I appreciate you all and pray for you often as I know you pray for me. “BLESSED be the LORD, who DAILY bears our burden, the God who is our salvation. God is to us a GOD OF DELIVERANCES; And to God the Lord belong escapes from death.” ~Psalms 68:19-20 “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, For His lovingkindness is everlasting. Let the REDEEMED of the Lord SAY SO, whom HE has REDEEMED from the hand of the adversary.” ~Psalms 107:1-2 Thank You, Jesus. ~Monica

I VOTED!!!!!

votingI VOTED!!!!

Hello Everyone! Monica here this time. Thank you to Erin Kissling & others who have been posting for me and thank you to all of you for praying for me!! I saved up my strength ALLLLLL day so that I would have the energy to ride to our assigned voting location & cast my vote! I was praying for God to give me the strength to sit up long enough to do that and HE DID! I don’t think I’ve ever been more grateful that our voting location is only 2 miles down the road!!! Even with it being that small of an outing it wore me completely out and I’m crashed on the couch again. I am thanking Jesus for the small improvements of being able to sit up longer, though! That’s HUGE! I was watching YouTube videos today of fellow lyme fighters and one of them mentioned what a triumph it was when he could finally tie his shoes again! I was like….”YES”!!! Makes you thank Jesus for the “little” things…which are just as much blessings as the big ones. Please keep praying for me…especially tomorrow. I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow with my main Doctor and then an appointment on Friday with a Specialist. We are really needing clear direction & wisdom regarding SO many treatment decisions…as well as insight into what is going on with my body right now. I’m really not doing good…and have been needing to rest from just about everything…including posting on here and my blog. I’ll post when I can but will probably keep letting my family or Erin update my accounts and reply to people because of how even the smallest things like typing can drain me so quickly. Thank you for understanding why I can’t always reply and thank you for letting me know that you all are praying for me! It encourages me more than I can say!!! God blessed my heart today with this verse: “For I the Lord do not change…” ~Malachi 3:6 He is STILL the God who HEALS, the God who PROVIDES, the God who covers us in the Shelter of His wings & the God who never leaves us or forsakes us. There have been daily scary episodes with my health the past 4 weeks that leave me pretty much debilitated for minutes to hours depending on the severity….without Him, I know I couldn’t keep going through this – but WITH HIM, His grace is sufficient and I know every day is one day closer to His promised healing. Thank you so much, friends! I love you all and pray for you often even when I am not strong enough to write. Thanking Jesus tonight for the gift of voting in this country of ours, the gift of wheel chairs for when we’re too weak to walk and the gift of a little burst of strength He gave me to let me vote as well. God is good. All the time! Blessings on all of you!

Love, Monica

P.S. – If you haven’t voted….you have NO EXCUSE!! Get out there and vote, people! God bless America!


pray for monica

Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry for this very long over-due post.  Updates are happening more frequently on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/helpingmonica) right now as my dear friend, Erin Kissling has been posting updates and pictures on there to keep everyone informed.  This post is going to be rather quick as my strength & energy can disappear almost instantly right now.  This is the first time in almost 3 weeks that I’ve even felt somewhat able to sit up and type and I can already feel it exhausting me greatly.

A little over 3 weeks ago I had completed 2 months of medications for my gut infection and that seemed to be clearing up and I was SLOWLY regaining strength and had worked up to biking several miles at a casual/easy pace.  I was starting to feel SO much better and really thought I was on the upward swing with the infection and Lyme.  And then, completely out of the blue I had an episode of collapsing and lost the ability to walk or use my arms very much.  It’s not uncommon for me to have an episode like that…but then it clears up after a couple hours or after a good night’s sleep.  The weakness, intense pain, burning and a whole host of other Lyme-Related symptoms continued and strength didn’t return.  A visit to one of my Doctors showed us that what I was taking to break the biofilm around the Lyme Spirochetes was working and they were probably being released into my body faster than I was killing them.  Hence this attack on my Central Nervous System, Muscles, Heart etc….  We are now ramping up my protocol for killing the Lyme and hoping that I pull out of this soon.  I’m already seeing some improvement with being able to sit up a little easier…and typing like I’m doing right now.  Most of the time though, I’m still curled up in a little ball – very nauseous, in extreme pain, and major weakness.  I think where I went wrong was cutting back so much on my Lyme treatments when I was fighting the infection and starting to feel better.  This battle against Lyme can be very unpredictable and very much a guessing game, even to Doctors.  When Lyme is in every cell of your body, like mine is…you can’t kill the lyme too quickly (people have died that way)….but you also can’t kill it too slowly.  So there is a constant delicate balance to find.  Finances were also an issue in discontinuing some of my treatments and instead of trying to keep fundraising…I thought I would just continue getting better as long as I was keeping up with some at home treatments.  I think that was also a mistake on my part that contributed towards this episode.  Even though it’s extremely difficult having a setback again, I’ve been so encouraged by the Lord’s love & faithfulness through this trial. <3  I don’t understand it, but I know that He is here and that He is working everything out for good. <3  Even when I haven’t had the energy to read it…I’ve been holding my Bible tightly today and up close to my heart….knowing that inside those pages is all the strength, joy, hope, comfort, love & reassurance I could ever need.

I thank each of you for the outpouring of love that you continually show me in your e-mails & comments.  Because of my health, I’m not able to reply to many right now…but please know that your thoughts & prayers are ALWAYS deeply appreciated and touch my heart. <3

I can tell that my body is needing to lay back down and rest now… I don’t know when another burst of energy will happen where I can write a blog post…but again, my friend is keeping up with my facebook page if you would like more frequent updates.

Thanks so much!!  God bless each of you.

Love Always,


Quick Update

Hello Everyone! Yesterday I completed my 30 day round of oral antibiotics that we thought would completely knock out the infection that I’m dealing with. Unfortunately, it didn’t. I would very much appreciate prayers on what the next step is to keep fighting this nasty infection. It’s really taken the wind out of my sails physically and is discouraging to feel like I’m losing a lot of ground in the fight against Lyme by taking up so much time to fight this current more pressing issue.

Thank you all SOOOOOOO SO much for your continued prayers, encouragement and support. It blesses and helps me more than you’ll ever know.

Grateful for a God who holds all things in His hands and praying for more grace to trust Him. “ALL His work is done in faithfulness.” ~Psalms 33:4, “He gives grace to the afflicted.” ~ Proverbs 3:34,

Love Always,


Hello Everyone! Quick update…I’ve been on the strong antibiotic now for 3 weeks and am not seeing any signs of the infection decreasing. I’m still in a LOT of pain and am spending most of my time in bed resting because this has completely wiped out the little energy I did have. I have one more week on this current medication and if the infection doesn’t clear up in the next week I’ll have to go on antibiotics in shot form. REALLY HOPING and praying I won’t have to do that. Specific prayer request is for the last week of oral antibiotics to be successful. Thanks so SO very much for your prayers.

Please Pray…

I feel far too weak to write anything very long tonight…but would really appreciate a very specific prayer request.  I’m fighting a pretty severe infection right now that we just finally found out yesterday is specifically Hemolytic Coli.  I’m incredibly miserable to say the least and so exhausted from all the Lyme Symptoms flaring up, this infection raging and the list could go on…  It’s great that we know what the infection is….but because of my liver condition I’m EXTREMELY limited as to what my options are for medications to fight it. 

Thanks so much for praying. <3  This is now the 5th gut infection I’ve had to fight in the past year and….it’s incredibly discouraging, exhausting and painful to say the least.


Thanks so much everyone!





New Fundraiser and Prayer Requests

Hey Friends,

We’re asking for 2 specific prayer requests right now.

1.) Please be praying for Monica to start feeling better soon. She’s been extremely weak the past few days and the inflammation/pain/Ulcerative Colitis is really wearing her out. It’s been almost 4 months now of her dealing with it constantly….we’re really praying for improvement with that soon. It causes the Lyme and inflammation throughout her entire body to flare up.

2.) Please pray for God to provide the finances we need for this week to get the medicine/nutritional support/Born Clinic Treatments and at-home treatments that she needs. We have been able to keep her somewhat maintained with diet/supplements….but we really need to get her back on the IV’s and some additional support as God provides the resources. Her specific need for this week is $677.  LINK TO NEW YOUCARING FUNDRAISER

Thank you all SO much for the FAITHFUL prayers, encouragement support that ALL of you have been over and over again for Monica and all of us during these past 2 years. Because of your prayers and financial support Monica has been able to make SIGNIFICANT improvement….but there is still a long way to go. We set up a YouCaring Page for her over the Winter with her financial needs for the “90 Day Blitz” that she did…and have set up a YouCaring Page again with the projected costs for the next 12ish weeks. Unfortunately, because of her Ulcerative Colitis…the cost has gone up a lot. Thank you all SO much for the financial support and encouragement you provided Monica during her first initial 12 weeks of intense fighting. It put her ahead of the Lyme Fight by a lot. We are now we’re praying hard that this UC set back clears up soon and that these next 12 weeks bring even more healing and that she pulls out even more ahead than her first “90 Day Blitz”.

We believe she’s on the right track…it’s just taking A LOT of time…which is one of the biggest parts to Chronic Lyme Recovery.

Thank you for your prayers and support,
Cindy DeMass for Monica and all the DeMasses


P.S. Please pray that her appointment today goes well.