Update from Monica <3

Dearest Friends,

Hello!!! Truly hope each of you are doing well and enjoying this beautifully welcomed SPRING after a looooong Winter. I am pulling out of 3 weeks of on & off fighting 2 different hard hitting flus/sicknesses….and I think I am FINALLY totally free of them because this is the first day I haven’t felt completely exhausted AND I’m finally actually feeling myself! Yesterday I had to take THREE 1 hour naps through out the day to get through….which has been the norm the past several weeks up until today! I easily made it through today with NO naps! Haha! So happy about that! I think I’m finally getting better and ready to jump back into Drs appointments and treatments tomorrow. Which btw….THANK YOU SO much to a couple individuals for your very generous and anonymous donations recently. SUCH a blessing and they are paying for my appointments and treatments tomorrow and helped cover the cost of medical insurance and some blood work I needed to get done. It’s amazing to me how God always provides almost at the EXACT moment that it’s needed. THANK YOU for continually walking this road with me by donating your time in prayers and financial gifts. I am constantly humbled by the generosity, care, concern and love showered on me by all of you and never know how to say THANK YOU enough.

As far as specific prayer requests…you can pray for my appts tomorrow….I have a 9:30 IV, 10:30 Doctors appt and then 2 specialist appts scheduled at 1PM and 2PM….also some blood work. So tomorrow’s going to be a FULL, FULL day. Pray for strength and continual wisdom. I wasn’t able to make most of my appts the last several weeks due to the flu going around here at my house and so I’m excited about getting back into the routine. I was supposed to start chelation treatments about a month ago but my lymphatic system was still too “impacted” (according to the specialist) for my body to be able to process out all the toxins from chelation. So that’s one of the biggest prayer requests right now….that my body will get to a place where I can start those treatments up as that’s one of the next biggest steps to me getting better. You can also pray for wisdom regulating my thyroid meds….I’m still getting a lot of internal shaking (which can be quite debilitating) and we’re trying to figure out if it’s thyroid related of Lyme related….I don’t want to be on my thyroid meds or increase them if I don’t have too. Another specific thing I’m hoping will clear up soon is not being able to handle stimulation very well….ie: car rides, computer screens, lots of colors and sounds from being in a crowd of people…..yeah, I don’t know how to explain it…… but the dizziness and my mind not being able to intake or process everything going on around me makes me get super sick, weak, faint and even lethargic sometimes. This symptom has been SLOOOWLY getting better over the past few months….but it’s one of the hardest symptoms for me to deal with right now because it usually means just laying down in a dark/quiet room for several hours to get my body to calm down (typical Lyme issue)….it’s getting better, but is still very frustrating and I’m praying hard it clears up soon! And, as always…please pray for continued perseverance for me. Fighting Lyme really is a full-time job and it’s SOOOOO encouraging to be seeing such big improvements…but it can also be really hard to keep fighting so hard day after day after day. Keeping my theme in mind that I’m “One Day Closer.” to getting ALL better.

Love you all so much! Thanks for praying for my appointments tomorrow.

God bless all my cheerleaders, givers, encouragers and support team!!! (That would be YOU!)


For the Lymies

ImageFor all the Lymies out there fighting for their life….<3  Keep pushing through the bad, hard days of treatments…you’re ONE.DAY.CLOSER to being ALL better. <3

“…For whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” ~Galatians 6:7



So you just found out you have Lyme?  My letter to you. <3


Well HI Everyone!!!!


It’s been WAAAY too long since I’ve done a post on here….  Praise the LORD I’ve been feeling SO much better the past few weeks that it took coming down with a bad case of the flu two days ago to get me to slow down enough to do a post on here! :-)  :-(  LOL…happy & sad thing. ;-)   By feeling SO much better I mean I’ve still had to stay on top of all of my at home and at the Doctor’s Treatments...if I lighten up on anything I start going downhill….BUT as long as I stay on top of my routine I can feel my body slowly but surely heading upwards and pulling out of the intense Lyme Fight.  I can’t tell you HOW ENCOURAGING that is to me!  Thank you, Jesus!! So, the reason I haven’t posted is because I’ve been either 1.)  way too busy with my health routine  // OR  2.)  Actually strong enough to be out of the house and be out and about doing activities with my family and friends // OR 3.)  crashing in bed after a long day of treatments and too sick to write  // OR  4.)  sitting at my computer with a blank screen and hitting COMPLETE writer’s block.  Honestly, it has been one of those 4 reasons the past month as to why I haven’t written….number 4 was probably the most common reason.  It’s strange, but…usually when I’m really sick and can’t do anything I can still write.  But lately, I’ve been feeling better and have been able to do things but have A LOT more difficulty writing than normal.  I mentioned the difficulty writing at one of my Doctor’s appointments and they said it’s probably because of all the Lyme Die-Off my body is going through right now and all the “brain fog” I’m experiencing.  With killing the Lyme the Brain Fog has gotten worse and the Physical Symptoms have gotten better.  That and that fact that the energy I have had has been going towards all my Lyme Fighting activities vs. writing.   Hence, my long delay in posting explained. ;-)

I really believe with all my heart that I”m on the right track.  This flu has hit me pretty hard the past few days and I don’t feel up to writing anymore than this for now…but I wanted to let all you amazing prayer warriors, encouragers, friends and supporters know how DEEPLY I love and appreciate each one of you.  Thank you for supporting me with your gifts of money and gifts of prayer on this journey to health.  I hope that the recent improvements I’ve been experiencing are equally encouraging to you as they are to me!!!


Love you all!!  Going to get back in bed to fight off this flu so that I can get back to fighting of Lyme! ;-)


I promise to write more soon. <3


Love Always,



P.S. I just HAD to take a picture of the gluten free bread that my Mom made yesterday.  SOOOOO incredibly delicious.  Bread is a luxury food item with being gluten free and it’s the only thing I’ve been able to easily keep down the past 2 days with the flu.  But it’s SOOOO good I think I could live on it even when I’m not sick! ;-)  Thanks, Mom! <3



Update from Ben

Hello Everyone,
A BIG THANK YOU to Kyle and Amy Root, Denae Freed, Michele Sauter, the Salazar family, Grace Eagles, and two anonymous doners for giving to Monica’s fundraiser!It is very encouraging to see my sister Monica feeling better as the weeks progress. She even felt up to ice skating with the family tonight, which was the first in a long time!
Thank you for the finacial support that has enabled my sister to continue treatment and to continue recovery from Lyme Disease.

We thank God for each of you who are praying for and supporting Monica, we pray for God’s rich blessing upon you all.


“But He said, ‘The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.’ “
~Luke 18:27

Days 18-20 of 90

Hey Everyone!

Hitting day 20 today!!! :-D  I feel like that should be some kind of celebration or something.  I did Blood Treatment #44 yesterday followed by an IV today.  Yesterday and this morning was pretty rough…but they put extra vitamin B in my Nutritional IV this morning and that REALLY gave me a boost!  SOOOO much so that I felt good enough to build a snowman with my sisters this afternoon!  I’ve been wanting to make one all Winter…but haven’t felt well enough to yet…not to mention it was a little too cold…until today. :-)

February 20, 2014-MND00031-13

I’m VERY encouraged to be having more good days and good moments as the weeks go on with this new treatment regiment.  The bad days and bad moments are still far outnumbering the good…but at the rate I’m going I’m really hoping this changes VERY soon. :-)

Here’s to day 20 being completed!  On to day 21 tomorrow! :-)

Love Always,


Days 13-17 of 90

Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting on here very frequently this past week.  It’s been a rough last 5 days….really just pushing through treatments and my “Lyme Schedule” is taking up most of my time.  Schedule—-> lay down and rest for 20 min….Schedule ——> lay down and rest etc etc etc….  Bad news and Good news!  Bad news is that I had another “Lyme Attack” yesterday that made me extremely weak, limp, shaking, sick, heart racing, upset stomach, blurry vison etc.  But the GOOD NEWS is that it was the first “Lyme Attack” I’ve had in quite awhile!!  I used to get the “Lyme Attacks” about 5-10x/day so the fact that the attacks are hitting fewer and farther between and that I’m bouncing back from them faster are all VERY good signs!  It’s so hard to continually find the balance between pushing myself to get better, but not pushing myself so far that I push right into a “Lyme attack.”  Sometimes I get the flare-ups just because that’s how Lyme works…and other times I get the flare ups from over physical exertion.  Which for me, doesn’t involve much physical exertion at all to push me over the edge.  I’m handling MUCH more than last Fall….so for that I’m grateful!!  ANOTHER huge PRAISE is that at my Drs appointment last Thursday she said she is more encouraged than ever before by my progress and that as long as I keep moving forward at the rate that I am I should be able to start chelation treatments in about 8 weeks!  Chelation is something I was told 2 years ago that I needed but haven’t been strong enough for it….until now!  Adding in the chelation IV’s will REALLY help with breaking down the biofilm around the Lyme Disease and ridding my body of toxins that are holding me back from full recovery.  Not looking forward to how lousy people feel during chelation….but I know it’s one of the steps to recovery so I’m extremely happy they think I’ll be ready for it in 8 weeks! :-)  One of the things that easily gets discouraging is how much time Lyme Recovery takes….each and every day….month after month.  My Doctor reminded me at my last appointment that a good analogy of Lyme Recovery is basically  like working 2 consistent full-time jobs…you don’t get any breaks.   Good reminder for me to look at it that way….It’s my current job to get better from Lyme…even though it takes about 90% of my time! :-)  It’ll DEFINITELY be worth it in the end!

Thank you all for your continued prayers, encouragement and support. <3  It’s hard to keep pushing thru on really sick days…like the past few one…but I know that in the end sticking in the fight and not lightening up is truly going to pay off when I am all better. :-)

Happy President’s Day to Everyone!