Okay, it’s really late and I need to head to bed…but wanted to share just a quick picture from today…

This morning my Dad woke me up and asked if I wanted him to take me and a few of my sisters to the Tulip Festival in Holland!  OF COURSE I wanted to go…but had already resigned myself to thinking that it wasn’t going to work out earlier in the week.  So it was such a pleasant surprise when Dad woke me up and  it DID work out to go and it was such a beautiful day!!!  Every second was cherished and enjoyed soaking in the beautiful sights and memories with family.  I was nervous about not having enough energy to walk around and keep up with everyone.  But I surprisingly managed pretty well!  I had to sit down quite frequently and my stomach pain got to me a couple of times…but all in all the day was GREAT!

It just FELT SO GOOD to get out and do something that had absolutely NOTHING to do with a Drs. Appt. 🙂

And…I will probably have to crash and sleep ALLLLLL day tomorrow to make up for today.  But it was incredibly worth it.  Every second.   Thank you, Jesus for a beautiful day today and thank you, Daddy, for taking us! ❤

May 09, 2013-MND00189-60

Here’s my sisters and I spreading Lyme Awareness thru out Holland, MI! 🙂

Crashing in bed now…  Love you all!  Thanks for your continued prayers and support! ❤

Keep the Fight Strong, HOPEFUL and *always* keep smiling,

Love Always,


P.S. A couple times today…I almost felt like the “old Monica” was back…  (that’ll make sense to all you other Lymies out there).  SO encouraging!  Even if it just lasts 10 minutes here or there….I’ll take it!  Any and every HOPE towards recovery. ❤


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