Recap to “90 Day Journey”



Hey Everyone!!  Happy Lyme Disease Awareness Month!  I’m so excited that it’s May.  Not only does May mean that Summer & Flip Flops and Beach Trips to Lake Michigan are right around the corner…but it also means that we are in Lyme Disease Awareness month.  I TRULY believe with all my heart that spreading awareness helps save lives.  Sadly, more deaths from what was originally thought to be caused from heart disease, heart attacks, MS, Alzheimer’s, etc is being linked to Lyme.  I’ve been in communication with more and more people who are completely unable to walk, unable to eat on their own, in need of oxygen, having horrible brain degeneration etc… & sometimes even having seizures from the Lyme daily. But I’ve also been hearing more stories recently of people who were bit by a tick and IMMEDIATELY went on the medication to kill Lyme without even waiting for a positive test. I praise God for that!!!  They will never have to experience the horrors that Chronic Lyme in the last stage brings and it does my heart so much good knowing that more people are learning how to be proactive about Lyme Disease!  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”   So PLEASE!!!!  Please wear GREEN this month and order one of my bracelets if you would like to help spread awareness about this disease. I’d LOVE to see the statistics start coming down of how many people who are becoming infected rather than the number keep rising.

OKAY!  On to the “90 Day Recap”.  For those of you that don’t know….exactly 90 days ago on February 1st I started a more intense challenge with fighting Lyme than I have up to this point.  It involved hours of daily treatments at home and weekly treatments at several different clinics.  You can read about the fundraiser for it and all the treatments that were a part of the 90 day plan HERE.  It truly did feel like my life consisted almost exclusively of Lyme Fighting activities.  Towards the end of the 90 days I was able to start enjoying some other activities with friends & family outside of just “Lyme Fighting” and I can’t tell you how GOOD it was for my heart to get out of the house and DO SOMETHING FUN! 🙂  On the financial end of things….I didn’t raise all the money I originally thought I would need for everything….but miraculously….everything I ended up needing over the 90 days was provided for.  I received several large anonymous donations outside of the “YouCaring” page that allowed me to continue treatments when my resources were used up.  THANK YOU to those of you that I know donated and to those of you who chose to remain anonymous to me. ❤  ❤ ❤  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for making this road to recovery possible for me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤ Everyone has a preferred way to give…either via paypal ( or the YouCaring site.   For those of you who would still like to give….I’d like to ask for it to be done through one of those routes or given directly to me or a family member in person.  Unfortunately, there have been several things mailed to me that I have not received….and we’re starting to wonder if the mail is reliable.  So….just an FYI for those of you who have asked about future giving.  My fundraiser on YouCaring will stay up as I’m going to continue with all the same treatments….just not quite as intensely as I have the past 90 days.


As far as how I’m doing physically after the 90 days.  PRAISE THE LORD & THANK YOU JESUS…I am SOOOOOO SO much better!  I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel. ❤  90 days ago….even probably 1/2 way through I still almost felt everyday like I needed to be in the hospital.  The dizziness, shaking, confusion, vision issues, etc would quickly get so bad after any kind of physical exertion and I needed to sleep for more than half of every day to be able to push through treatments.  And then…all the symptoms slooooowly started lifting….and lifting and becoming less & less severe. I started being able to do more physical activities….sit up for longer periods of time….walk for longer periods of time….ride in cars without all the stimulation overload etc…  This past week I was even able to help out for 4 hours on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday as a Receptionist at Mindful Movement since the main Receptionist had the week off.  That was HUGE!!!! 90 days ago I definitely wouldn’t have attempted to do that.   Within this past week a friend has also been able to pick me up and we were able to go on a fun shopping trip and I’ve been able to do more activities with friends and family.   This has encouraged my heart SO SO much!  I still get EXTREMELY tired VERY quickly.  My body still goes into shaking fits & goes limp if I walk for too long or don’t lay down often enough.  My vision is still blurry when I’m on my feet for too long & stimulation from movies & driving in a car is still not the best…..but everything is SOOOOOOO SO much better than it was.  The plan now is to just keep doing this same routine that I’ve been on the past 90 days over & over & over & over again until I’m symptom free & Lyme free!!!!!!   Last Fall when I could hardly walk, talk or even sit up by myself my HOPE was really starting to fade & the “fight” inside me to keep going had been dashed to pieces. I PRAISE GOD EVERY SINGLE DAY that I am slowly but steadily moving forward, for HIS STRENGTH that keeps helping me fight through one more day, one more treatment, one more shake, one more moment….  There’s still the night’s that I end up in tears over the frustration at how long this fight is taking.  But Jesus always gently reminds me that this is not the end.  Morning ALWAYS comes!  There is an end to this fight!  On the perfect day and at the perfect moment of HIS choosing.  He also keeps allowing me to see why He’s allowed this fight as I keep meeting more & more beautiful people who are fighting this horrible disease.  I feel my heart breaking time & time again hearing their heart wrenching stories.  Little 5 year olds all the way up to 75 year olds.  This disease shows no mercy.   Had I not had to experience this horrendous disease and the intense battle it takes to recover my heart never would have understood what it was like….<3  ❤ I thank Jesus….not for the Lyme…but for what He is teaching me through this.  He’s deepened my heart, my understanding, my faith, my trust, my hope, my love, my friendships and my desire to help others who are sick.  What Satan meant for evil….God truly is turning into good.  And what a beautiful thing that is!  When God can take something so shattered and broken and empty and hopeless and turn it into something FULL OF LIFE and JOY.  I thank God for all  of you!  Because I never could have continued on this fight or journey without your encouragement, prayers & financial support.  I also thank God for the healing that HE alone can bring to my body and pray that it’s not much longer until the old Monica is back in the game. ❤


So… this long recap of the past 90 days ends.  I want to say, Thank You Jesus for a successful 90 day Treatment!  Am I better from Lyme Disease?  No.  But I’m 90 days closer….<3  Thank You, Jesus.  Thank you, Friends.  I’m going to keep fighting this fight until I’m on that 26 mile marathon run!   The training for that has felt like 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.  But walking from the couch to the bathroom slowly increase to walking from my bedroom to the bathroom….to walking around the house….to walking around the yard….to walking down to the neighbors house and back….to walking a whole 1/2 mile almost daily is getting me closer to my marathon goal!  I crash after 1/2 mile pretty hard.  That’s all my body can currently take.  But it’s a whole lot better than when I needed to be carried from the couch to the bathroom! 😉 LOL.  And so my training for my marathon continues! 🙂  I really hope you guys can join me for the race….whenever it ends up being.  I know I’ll be crying at the finish line….but I know it’s gonna happen.  I have no doubt about that.  Thank You, Jesus, for the healing YOU are bringing to my body!

Please pray for continued perseverance in this fight!  Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO SO much!!!!


Love Always,



One thought on “Recap to “90 Day Journey”

  1. Jamie Heckard says:

    You are such an amazing woman. I thank you for the words of encouragement. I thank God for you and being able to see your journey online and give us strength and hope for our sons. You had a choice to allow this to overcome you or turn your eyes to God and you choose to follow him during this hard journey. He is the the Healer. We do not know why we were brought on any of our journeys but we know there is a reason. We have a choice to glorify God. I love seeing your post on Facebook. They bring tears and joy. We will continue to pay for your healing.
    I thank you for getting the word out about this horrible sickness. Everyday more and more people around us are getting sick or we are hearing about it. Doctors are not stepping up for kids yet and failing top notice the first signs. When or soon had a bullseye he had 2 weeks of antibiotics. A year later he could barely walk. After 3 weeks of antibiotics there was no sign off it gone but the specialist said it would be. We choose to go natural after that. Every decision is hard. Kids here are needing positive results before getting any treatment. It’s sad. But out oldest is doing much better. Hoping the next test comes back clean. The youngest got tested and barely had any symptoms so his body seams to have taken it better.
    God is going to do amazing things thru you. He already had. You are so uplifting and encouraging. You are helping others while fighting your own battle. God bless you.

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