Quick Update :-)

Hey Dear Friends!!

Just wanted to do a quick update about how I’ve been feeling lately… I’ve been having some REALLY good days recently which has been amazing! I was able to enjoy 2 trips to Lake MI AND walk in a parade about 1 mile long with my family on July Fourth. Each of those activities were HUGE blessings to me and encouraged my spirit TREMENDOUSLY. It feels like a luxury to be able to get out of the house for something other than Doctors appointments and treatments!!! After each event I crashed in bed for 1-2 days and then to be honest, since July 4th I’ve been mostly in bed. It was fun walking in the parade…but I’m not sure how smart it was for my body…it kinda felt like it shut down after July 4th for a few days. But just the fact that I can push myself at all to sometimes do things outside of the house means that I’m slowly regaining strength and healing! I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t totally crash for days after any kind of event….but for now, I’m cherishing the times that I am able to get out of the house and enjoy myself. It’s been so long!! Thank you, Jesus!! Unfortunately, my Ulcerative Colitis is STILL majorly acting up…and keeping me in a lot of pain. I’ve been having to make 2 trips a week to my clinic in Grand Rapids instead of just 1. We’re waiting on some more tests to show more of what’s going on with that situation. It’s frustrating having this setback….but I’m confident that once I’m over this, I’ll be further ahead than before.
In regards to everyone who has been asking about where I’m at financially….I’ll be posting a new YouCaring Lyme Treatment Fundraiser page shortly with my estimated expenses for the next 3 months. (People seemed to really like seeing that from the last time.) I’m humbled, grateful, and beyond amazed at how much the Lord has used you all in my life through prayers, encouragement and financial support in helping me along this journey. Looking back to where I was before I started my first “90 Day Blitz” I’m SOOOOOOOO much better and stronger. Because of how much I’m improving, slowly but steadily….I’m staying quite strictly on the same exact schedule. Hopefully not too many more of these “90 Day Blitzes” and I’ll be ALL better! Until then I totally covet your prayers as this fight continues to be a serious and hard one. And I also cherish you PRAISING and THANKING Jesus with me for the amazing recovery that I have experienced thus far. I love you all and thank God for every single one of you!! Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Happy July Everyone!!!!



2 thoughts on “Quick Update :-)

  1. Mrs. G says:

    Thank you, dear Monica, for your gift of an update. Praying for you. Happy that you could do some regular activities. You are one mighty soldier, by the grace of God, demonstrating His power to trust Him with gratefulness in the midst of adversity. Hope, God willing, to see you run that marathon one day!

    Mrs. G

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