March Update

Hello Dear Friends!

I’m so happy that we’re fast approaching Summer with April right around the corner!! Sunshine, flowers, beach trips, flip-flops, & sunset watching here we come! 😉

Regarding an update on my health – I’m fighting another pretty serious gut infection which has induced an all out ulcerative colitis flare up. 😦 The inflammation and autoimmune reactions the colitis causes has brought back quite a few of my old lyme symptoms and the pain has been very severe this past month.   I just completed a 30 day round of doxycicline (again) to help with the lyme and the gut infection/colitis.  And I’m about to start a 30 day round of rocephin injections because the doxy didn’t help the gut infection at all.  It helped the lyme though, so that was encouraging. But we really need to find an antibiotic that will knock out the gut infection SOON.  I’ve been doing lots of ginger, bone broth, cowden protocol herbs and whole host of other vitamins and natural supplements to help my body with the process of fighting this infection as well as to keep helping with the fight against lyme.  It easily can feel discouraging and very monotonous and like the pain is never going to end, but this morning I was listening to a sermon by Adrian Rogers and he said, “You can look at any hospital and say, SIN did this. Look at any mental institution and say, SIN did this. Look all around the world at all the pain happening and say, SIN did this. When God created the rose, He created it without thorns.  But SIN brought the thorns.” In other words, we live in a sinful, fallen world…that DOES have pain and DOES have trials and DOSE have thorns…because of sin. But God STILL sends the roses and flowers amidst the pain.  He sends His precious presence and His overwhelming grace in such abundant amounts as we keep our gaze upward that even though the trials are painful and hard, we can continue to rest and praise because HE IS ENOUGH. ❤  As we celebrate Easter this Sunday I’m so grateful my heart can sing “HALLELUJAH” – Praise Jehovah – HE IS RISEN and HE HAS DEFEATED all this pain and sickness in my body and around the world.  We’re not promised the perfect life on this earth, but we ARE promised a God who walks with us.  A God who will wash and soak us with HIS grace for every hour and minute of each trial.  A God who WILL cause the roses to still bloom amidst the thorns….and a God who will make trials seem so small as we focus on on the promise of Heaven, the promise of eternity and the promise that He defeated sin, darkness, pain and sickness once and for all on the cross so many  years ago. ❤  One day….one day there won’t be a need for more antibiotics to fight more infections or more tests to figure out why the body isn’t working “right”.  Jesus…thank You that You ARE KING over this world and that You will Win every battle. ❤ ❤ ❤


Current Specific Prayer Requests:

1.)  I had a very in depth genetic test done a few weeks ago and will be getting the results soon.  Please pray if there are any genetic issues that could be prohibiting my recovery they will show up on the test and that we will have wisdom in knowing how to treat them.

2.) That the Rocephin will quickly knock out my gut infection and that my Ulcerative Colitis will calm back down.

3.)  Continued wisdom in how to effectively stay on top of the Lyme Disease.


as sorrowful yet ALWAYS REJOICING.” ~ 2 Corinthians 6:10 // God has really been using this verse to encourage me in my heart this past week.  I might have *feelings* of sorrow or discouragement over things that I face….but because of Jesus I can always, continually and earnestly CHOOSE to rejoice in my Jesus.  Rejoice in the fact that He never leaves me nor forsakes me. I can rest in the joy and hope of His promises that will never disappoint. ❤


Thank you SO very much dear friends. ❤ Your continued prayers, support and encouragement mean the world to me.


With Love,



6 thoughts on “March Update

  1. Gail says:

    Dear Monica,

    I am so sorry to learn of this long and very hard time of suffering for you. Thank you for sharing with your readers. Such required a lot of energy and focus. Will continue to pray for you. You know is it not a good thing that our faith is not based on feelings but on belief in His word and HIm? I Peter 4: last verse “Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to Him in well doing as unto a faithful Creator.” We are in His holy hands.

    Asking for relief and healing.

    • LymeHope says:

      So wonderful getting “hugs and prayers from Mexico”! THANK YOU!! ❤ You are such faithful prayer warriors for me….<3 It means a great deal to me. Sending love and prayers back!

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