Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

Hey Friends!

Happy 1st day of Lyme Disease Awareness month!  I changed my profile picture on Twitter and Facebook to this today:

may 1st lyme awarenessTAKE A BITE OUT OF LYME!

It’s an automatic “sticker” that you can add to your social media profile picture using this site right here:

I believe so strongly in promoting Lyme Disease awareness!  I was originally infected with Lyme Disease after being bit by some ticks when I was 18 years old in 2005, but because of bad testing, little awareness about Lyme and none of the Doctors I saw thinking Lyme Disease would be my issue I was not diagnosed until 2012.  Unfortunately, by the time I started treatments the Lyme had ravaged my body pretty severely and it’s been quite the battle ever since to fight Lyme and regain my health.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to use my story to help spread awareness, though!  My prayer is that through my story and the stories of countless others who are fighting Lyme proper awareness will be raised and the number or chronic Lyme Disease cases will start going back down instead of up.  Changing your profile picture for the month of May is something you can do to help raise awareness and together we can “Take A Bite Out of Lyme.”!! 😉


This dear friend used her day off of work this past week to drive me to my clinic for my Lyme Treatments. SO grateful for her!  ❤ ❤ ❤

I have an important appointment tomorrow (5/2/2016) that I would REALLY appreciate prayer for.  Thank you so much dear friends!

With Love,



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