Please Pray <3

Hello Friends!

On Monday I saw my main Doctor and looked at the most recent test outcome. The test results left me in tears….3 months of straight heavy duty antibiotics did almost nothing to touch the infection. My body now needs a break from the medicine so we are looking into other options until my body is strong enough to go back on antibiotics….
I did have some good news, though! My heart test showed that my heart muscle is improving….definitely an answer to prayer! Thank You, Jesus! ❤ I’m heading down to Indiana today and praying for more answers and insight into the next step. It’s discouraging to hit what feels like stand stills and to feel like I’m not moving forward.
So grateful He sees what we can’t.
Your continued prayers are much needed and much appreciated!
Thank you SO much, friends!



2 thoughts on “Please Pray <3

  1. jesuslovesme94 says:

    My dear friend ❤ Praying for you!! 🙂 ❤ Eltz was just here the last few weeks visiting and arrived back home today.. You came up a few times in conversation 🙂 ❤ One year ago this week, we met on Journey. I can't tell you how much I miss being over there, and how much I wish I was going on Journey this coming week ❤ but I know the Lord has other things in mind, and that I'll be back next summer 😉 Love you!! And definitely praying for you!! xx

  2. victorialymer says:

    Monica, I was getting sicker and weaker and had to stop iV antibiotics too. THen I looked for other options. ANd found and DR. Smith in Idaho. He used magnets to find and kill the LYme bacteria, Babesia, other parasites, other bacteria, and lots of viruses, in me and my husband and my two kids. The next day my head no longer felt like it would shatter at the slightest commotion. I have my life back! Dr. Smith is a believing CHristian, will pray with you before treatment, and is really easy to work with. Treatment is so painless! Easiest I’ve ever done. Takes a week of seeing him twice a day for four days. A regimen of nutritional supports and detox diet, and a follow up appointment three months later. THat’s it. I am going back August 11 to see him. Please pray about seeing him. I will pray for you! And the funds to do it. IT’s $3k. But worth it!!!! (THat includes all the appointments, nutritionals, and follow-up). If you need help getting there, I suggest Mercy Medical Angels. They helped us get there!!

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