Long time no talk!

Hey there dear friends!

WOW!  Talk about neglecting my little lyme diary blog over here!  I truly do have an excellent reason, tho! 😉 On June 3rd, 2017 I married the love of my life, Brent Keilen (See pics below!!)  It was BY FAR the most incredible day of my life and I still sometimes feel like I’m in a dream being married to a man who is so gentle, kind, caring and loves me so sacrificially. ❤  After a beautiful honeymoon in Hawaii we moved to Alexandria,VA right outside of Washington D.C.  The wedding and honeymoon were AMAZING, but my body did crash afterwards and it’s been 10 months of transitioning into seeing all new Drs here and pursuing new forms of treatment.  Many of which I’m pretty excited about and would love to share more with you, but this post is dedicated to letting you see a little glimpse of our wedding in pictures. 😉


The beach is my all-time favorite place, especially after Brent’s proposal there and so of course I wanted a beach wedding!! God worked out every detail, gave us the most perfect day and I’m so thankful for the beautiful fairy-tale like wedding day memories I have!  Ludington, Michigan will forever be a place I’ll cherish. It’s a place I’ve always loved, where Brent asked me to be his wife and where we said “I Do”.


Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0397

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0404.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0389

We had our “first look” and our “first kiss” right before the wedding ceremony…it was so incredibly sweet and special. Brent presented me with a beautiful song that he wrote for me and that his sisters sang during the ceremony.  Oh man…how romantic can a guy get?! ❤

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0468.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0626.JPG

We did our ceremony at an amphitheater within walking distance of the beach…it was *perfect*. ❤

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0649.JPG

Partly because of my health and partly because it was a destination wedding (3-4 hours from my home) we had a “family-only” wedding. Our closest friends were in the wedding party and a few friends came to help with the wedding, but other than that we were just surrounded by our family and very closest friends.  Most people say that their wedding went over in a blurr and that they remember very little of the actual day.  In all honesty our wedding wasn’t like that at all for me. I remember every detail, from the time I woke up until falling asleep in Brent’s arms….and I think that’s because we took great care in planning for a relaxing day and having a small amount of people there. It was seriously such a beautiful and even relaxing day…

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0530.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0704.JPG


Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0666.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0797.JPG

Our absolutely AMAZING wedding party!!! ❤ Love each of these people SO very much!

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0804.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0821.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0854.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0857.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0766.JPG

Brent’s family! ❤

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0724.JPG

My Family! ❤  haha…I LOVE that Sam has his hanger with him. 😉

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0789

And of course…the parents and us kissing! 😉

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0881.JPG


Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0873.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 0896.JPG

Sarahdipity Photos 062017 - 1048.JPG

Brent proposed at the top of this lighthouse…so of course we had to get pictures in front of it as a married couple. 😉

Hope you enjoyed a few pictures from our special day!  Sarah Eddy was our photographer and she was amazing…if you need a good wedding photographer I HIGHLY recommend her. 🙂 There are so many more pictures I could share with you (let me know if you’d like to see them), but for this post I think I’ll leave it at that.

Love to you all,

 Monica Keilen


6 thoughts on “Long time no talk!

  1. Lisa Klick says:

    Wonderful news! Congratulations! Question for you. One of my daughters just started the Born Clinic because of Lyme. I have another at home (with me) also with Lyme. The one with me sees a woman in CT that is curing her with tinctures. The one in GRR doesn’t know who to see. The tincture person costs us 300.00 a week. That scares my other daughter because she knows we can’t afford much. Any suggestions? Are u done with Born now?

    • LymeHope says:

      Hi Lisa! I’m definitely not done with Born, I still keep them in the loop with my care but because I now live 9 hours away from Michigan I’m working more closely with Drs here in my area. I’m so sorry it’s so expensive. 😦 I definitely understand. Maybe check the ILADS website for your daughter in MI if she wants to find someone who works with tinctures or join a Lyme Disease Facebook group and connect with people who have Lyme who live in Michigan? I’ve been so helped by connecting with other Lyme patients over FB. That’s really helped me find Drs in the area I live in now.

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