About Me


Hi, my name is Monica Nicole. Or Moni…Belle…Mo…Mic…Molly…Moses…and a million other nick names my family/friends have for me. 🙂  I’ll answer to any.

Yes, the purpose of this blog/website is for me to document my journey with Lyme Disease and to keep all my dear friends and family who support me in such amazing ways informed as to how I am doing.  BUT LYME DISEASE IS NOT MY IDENTITY!!!  It is not who I am. I have it and am fighting a hard battle with it…but please let me repeat….it is not who I am. I think it’s easy for “diseased ones” who have been sick for years, especially when the disease has taken away so much of their LIFE and FIGHT to start viewing themselves differently…and although I have definitely not been immune to that struggle…healing from Lyme is just a marathon I’m running right now and a fight I am fighting…that’s all…it’s not me. So…if you’re interested in the real me...the me before Lyme…the future me after Lyme is over…and the “me in my mind” that struggles revealing herself sometimes because my body is so weak at the moment…then I welcome you to read on. 🙂


At 25, I am the oldest of 12 kids and what an incredible experience that is each and every day!!  With 7 crazy-at-times little brothers and 5 adorably sweet sisters…life is NEVER boring!

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In a nutshell-I’m always ready for any kind of adventure! I LOVE taking pictures, *anything* PINK, rollerblading, SNOWBOARDING (although on hold til I am all better), reading OLD books, studying my Bible, most things vintage, Letter-writing over e-mailing/texting any-day, running (training for a MARATHON…although, currently that consists of only 5 min/day walks), laughing, smiling, Singing/Dancing in the Rain, trying out new food recipes…oh, and taking more pictures. 😉  Before I got sick I was on my way to becoming a nurse…that is still a dream of mine, but we’ll see where life takes me when I get all better. Medicine and medical books *fascinate* me, tho. My favorite book to read at 10 was my Dad’s EMT/Paramedic books. 😉  I could live every day of my life out in the sun on a beach or out in a log cabin in the mountains…just let me be outside in the sun whether it’s the mountains or a beach with a good book and my camera as a companion and I am perfectly content.  And sometimes I wonder if I was supposed to have been born in the 1940’s/1950’s with how much I ADORE poodle skirts, big band and Frank Sinatra. 🙂 Bottom line though, I wouldn’t trade the life God has given me for anything…thru it all…storms and sunshine, rainbows and clouds Jesus is FAITHFUL and no matter now hard life gets, He always fills me with HIS Heavenly HOPE. ❤  I am thankful for my life and grateful for each and every breath He gives.

481298_3906174089883_821549683_n  Right now, I feel like most of my life consists of Drs. Appts/ IV’s/Blood Treatments/Shots/Medicine/Vitamins/Tests…tests…and MORE tests…:-P  Ya know, it’s not the life I would’ve chosen…but it is still good. I’m learning a lot…I’m becoming a deeper person thru the pain…realizing how critical it is to cherish life more…and am learning more about what really matters in life.  Which is your FAITH, FAMILY and FRIENDS. ❤ I hate Lyme Disease…and I don’t like having it…but it’s forming me into the girl God wants me to be. Excited about this chapter of my life to be over…hopefully soon…but until then, one day at a time…one moment at a time…trusting Jesus each step of the way and fighting this horrible disease with everything I’ve got. 🙂

Thanks for reading!!

Keep the fight Strong, HOPEFUL and *always* keep SMILING,

With Love,



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, this is encouraging! I have chronic Lyme disease also and have just found your blog! I am looking forward to reading all your articles on here!

    • LymeHope says:

      Hi Elizabeth! I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling with Lyme Disease as well. 😦 It’s not fun at all but I’ll be praying that God blesses you with healing and strength. 🙂

  2. Sarah Aitken says:

    I am so glad that Victoria told me about your blog Monica! I loved reading more about you.
    You are an amazing woman of God and a true Warrior in his kingdom. You are a living testimony to the goodness of God and your beautiful smile shines through the pain and struggle.

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