Thank You Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

Words can’t express to you how grateful I am to each and every one of you for your donations, buying my coffee and your prayers.  There is no way I could fight this battle on my own and thank God for each of you who are walking this journey with me ALL the time!!  The expenses of treating Lyme Disease have far exceeded anything my family and I could ever pay for on our own and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prayed and asked God to provide for the next week or the next month’s expenses and without fail…EVERY TIME God sent money thru one of you. ❤  I have received anonymous checks…you know who you are…I wish I knew..but I don’t, so thank you so so much!  I really couldn’t be making the progress I am making without your help financially and with all your prayers.  I believe God is working thru everyone’s prayers for me!

I love you all more than you’ll ever know and pray Jesus blesses each of you richly above and beyond how you all have blessed me. ❤

Love and Blessings,



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