Fun Girlie Lyme Tip :-)

Hey Ya'll!  So I thought I'd do just a FUN post today about nails! 😉  What girl doesn't like her nails super pretty?!     I'm definitely no exception and after doing my nails yesterday I thought I should do a blogpost about them. 😀  So, if you like girlie things like me, continue reading. … Continue reading Fun Girlie Lyme Tip 🙂


New Fundraiser and Prayer Requests

Hey Friends, We're asking for 2 specific prayer requests right now. 1.) Please be praying for Monica to start feeling better soon. She's been extremely weak the past few days and the inflammation/pain/Ulcerative Colitis is really wearing her out. It's been almost 4 months now of her dealing with it constantly....we're really praying for improvement … Continue reading New Fundraiser and Prayer Requests